Ford [Now GM] Stops Making Cars


Damn. What I’m reading is that they’re not though. Do you have the link to this Reuters article?

This is the closest I could find:

GM won’t follow Ford, FCA on sedan cuts — yet


It’s nothing more than a chopped Honda Pilot. Really lazy stuff for a vehicle that was highly anticipated by Honda.


I would like to see Honda make an attempt at an ACTUAL truck


Thats exactly where I land after owning my RRS. Now my wife wants one too…


i dont think i’ll ever be in that boat. If i have to drive a truck or SUV or anything higher off the ground than my STi. I feel like i’m riding on stilts, just sucks the fun out of driving for me 100%, and i really love to drive.

its all about perspective, i’ve mostly driven 2 seater cars in the past 20 or so years i’ve been driving, the most practical car i’ve had as a DD, is one of my two STi’s. unless you count the 99 legacy wagon i only pulled out of the garage when there was way too much snow on the ground, or i needed to transport mtn bikes etc.(we are talking about a 900$ legacy, it was not nice at all) so for me, driving something simply with 4 doors seems like its huge, with a TON of room. wait i actually have a full size trunk?!?!


You (and most members of this site) are a totally niche demographic though. You drive certain cars because they are “cool” to you and you actually enjoy the act of driving. 99% of cars sold are as a utility. They get a person, and their belongings, from point a to point b.

If you talked to 90% of people out there and asked them to even-trade their boring crossover SUV with your STi, most people would turn you down.


i’m not sure about that one, i think most people are just too afraid to have something that is inconvenient for them, or that they pay more to have the sporty version. most people that have said anything about my car are along the lines of, oh i wish i could get one. my response is, you can, just have to sacrifice elsewhere. keep in mind this coming from someone who had an FR-S as the practical car for a few years, which i guess was better than having the S2000 as my practical car, i’ve done that also lol

i get that a lot of people just dont care about cars, that outlook is only going to make the current crop of cars(and future) just get worse over time if everyone is just complacent with boring average cars. that is, if this is the majority.


They were never IN the truck market.


I think Lincoln is doing some interesting stuff right now… except for the shifter buttons. I HATE THEM SO MUCH:


same here, ridgeline is nothing but a half-assed truck builds on a oddessy van chassis.


No more Ford car ads. And their only car will be the Mustang.

Ford has ended all nationwide, or Tier 1, marketing for the Fiesta, Focus, Fusion and Taurus and also is dialing back regional spending in certain markets – even though the Fusion will remain in showrooms for at least the next two years.

While Ford already has stopped building the North American version of the Focus and will end production of the Fiesta and Taurus by the middle of next year, the Fusion faces a much slower death.


Seems like quite a gamble that gas prices won’t go back up sending people back to the market looking for fuel efficient cars. Did they already forget the hammering GM took 2005-2008 because they back burner’d platform revisions on cars to focus on trucks/SUV’s and those new platform release trucks/SUV’s were just hitting the market as gas prices spiked and people were buying cars instead?


I dunno. The more I read about it, the better this decision sounds. Nothing is stopping them from making a CUV that’s as light weight and fuel efficient as a Focus.


Right, that’s the key. They will still have fuel efficient grocery getters, they will just be in a slightly different form factor.


Yep, GM cutting:


Good to see large companies restructuring before it’s too late. This is where the strong economy absorbs all of these openings.


Reddit is blaming it 100% on Trump lol


The one Canadian plant, which is 43% of all the jobs being lost here, is really taking a hit.

Watch, this is just an excuse for them to kill production in Canada and move it either back to the US or MEX.


People get mad when GM gets bailed out…People get mad when GM makes cuts to keep its self floating.


Damn, cars are dead and GM is still holing on:

After GM ends production next year at factories in Michigan, Ohio and Ontario, it will still have four U.S. car plants, all operating at less than 50 percent of rated capacity

In comparison, Detroit-based rivals Ford Motor Co and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV will have one car plant each in North America after 2019.

GM executives have said they do not intend to abandon cars to the extent that Ford and FCA have.