Freakin' buy this for me, like, now.

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh DROOL

$15K not a bad deal LOL


tails :tup:

damn, the car looks nice and clean, wonder what the reserve is set for

HOT!! Right hand drive would have been cool though. :wink:


right hand drive would just be a pain in the ass - what is it with the humping on that?

wow, hot car dood :tup:

hear he’s got a pretty hot 455GS too :tup:

i’m only triple posting cause that last one was meant for the thread about buickgn’s dad doing the vinyl, just so you guys don’t think i’m tom cruise fuct in half crazy

You know you can edit posts right… :stuck_out_tongue:

would of been cool couple yrs ago when you couldnt buy evos here but now bahhh

hot car.
but look at the guys e-mail address…he’s got the same last name as me. not a very common name.

lol yes he does

and thats a hot car also

the 2 exterior pics look fake for some reason ?!?

Eh, I’d rather have the Evo V

factory anti-lag?


pretty cool car.

it’s ok :stuck_out_tongue: