Free Wireless = More Gooder

I <3 JFK & Jetblue

Although, I hate myself for drinking last night, cause I am tired as a mofo right now…

Have a great long weekend folks.

have fun in NYC howie…

and yeah…goodluck :wink: bwahhaha

call me when you get back!

hahhaha…wireless at JFK got me through 4 hours of sitting there…it was sooooo nice…and it kept me sane…LOL

have fun back home bro

u fawkr, when I was on my way to Arizonia there was no free wireless…uugghh they wanted a one charge of $9.95 for just that airport :bloated: for that day.

802.11b, 802.11a, or 802.11g??? I wish Jetblue flew to more cities than they do

enjoy your weekend howie :tup:

have fun at NYC, I’m up for some korean food any time soon :tup: