FS: '04 ski-doo REV 600 H.O.



nice sled man…hmmmmmmmm ill see if i can sell mine :wink:

did it have the recall of the rings done yet?

The recall for the rings was only for the 2003 models. This is an '04

got yea i thought it carried over into some 04s

Ya I think it did to a few of the early releases. But it didnt carry over to this one I dont think.


someone buy this, this is stupid cheap

im waitin on the xp to release on march 4


BUMP. Friend who was supposed to buy this sled never came up with the money.

I guess I’ll throw it in the newspaper…

same miles? same asking price?

Yes and Yes.

I think that its reasonable. Especially considering that the season is so close…

Whats your number? PM me if u dont wana post it


BUMP - I am trading this in on a new sled in a couple weeks if nobody on here wants it. I havent decided if I am going to advertise anywhere else yet. But I am definitely open to offers on the price. Winters gonna be around the corner so let me know if anyone is interested.

MY dad is also selling his sled. Its a 2001 MXZ 700, with like 6,000 miles. It is in good shape and runs great. He is looking for around $1,500 for it.

Nice sled I wish I had the cash, these should get around 18mpg on the trail. the rev chassis is great.
Where are you going to trade this in?

is the price still the same? and is the mileage the same?

Mileage is now at 5500

I just took it to the dealer yesterday, and they will give me $2,800 on trade.

So I would not sell it privately for less than $3,100 or so, considering the tax savings that I will get from trading it in.