FS: 04 Tarmac Black Evo

2004 Evo, Tarmac Black
~45K miles
Axle back exhaust
Manual Boost Controller set at ~1.3 Bar
Boost gauge
Apex’i Turbo Timer
Hawk HPS front pads
Evo 7 Bumper

Otherwise STOCK

-Stock wheels w/ winter tires (good for 2 more winters at least)
-17" Rotas(Work Emotion knockoffs) with Azenis (just got them this past summer) with the appropriate lug nuts

Pics this weekend. Minor dings from parking lot retards. Fresh tranny + diff fluid ~3k miles ago.


PICS http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v320/todaparty/Evo%208%20For%20Sale/

Considering your 2000+ AWD car + cash as a trade…

man this is a long weekend - where dose pix at

i got disctracted w/ the holiday. ill take some tomorrow morning. fuck it being dark at 4:30 ><

i bet you’d take my 07 si with navi as a trade.

i want an evo, but i like my si too much to trade.

^^ drunken post?

winter daylight blows. go to work while its dark, leave while its dark :frowning:

I bet you’d take my 1995 cutless as a trade, but I like it too much. GLWTS!

i should pick this up as a DD

do it up. yellow is only good for the track…too much attn from the po on da streeetz

lol, i really dont have trouble with the popo’s. maybe because i dont drive it much, but this year we’ll have to see with the open dump. im gonna go over some #'s and get back to u

damn i should pick this joint up, although the 7 bumper is meh to me :frowning:

wasn’t by choice, more necessity… you should’ve seen the one that was on there previously…fucking PUKE

Oh, I thought you dinged it up, my fault. I’ll be in the market for a 9 in April, but if yours is still lying around, I may consider it. Either way, GL.

ps: get some PAIX

i made the previous owner swap bumpers before i bought it, i refused to buy it w/ the bumper he had on it at the time

bump for pics


no modified cars for trades please


bump for slowtalon.

this is sold, sorry