FS 1978 Honda Hawk 400 Automatic

78 “hondamatic” 400cc honda Hawk its a pretty rare bike, orange and black, its been in storage for a while will run with some TLC. Make offer, ill post some pictures tomorrow.

in intrest in an automatic motorcycle huh? some one out there has to want a bike and has no idea how to shift!

how much are u looking to get for it and pics would be nice.

Im no expert, but TLC for this bike could = $$$

What exactly does it need?

carbs cleaned… and a battery. so… few hours can of gumout… it will fire off either.

oh new plugs too. so a total of maybe 50 bucks?

Any pics yet?

In for pics…

price ?

anything at all…?

shit… ill go there and snap some pics tomorrow for sure!