fs: 1987 volvo 740 turbo wagon black manual

hey guys i have a black manual 740 wagon turbo for sale

its sweet, its pretty fast and its cheap!

$1400 o.b.o

dosnt need any etests anymore either!

mileage? options? details? PICS??

come on…

also interested.

-manual sunroof
-power windows
-power doors
-heated seats (i dont think the drivers side works)
-black exterior
-black / grey interior
-437,xxx km’s
-4 sped manual with electronic 5th gear overdrive

recent repairs / tune up
-rear caliper replaced
-new distributor cap and rotor
-new plugs


-2.5 inch mandrel bent turbo intake pipe
-apexi Air filter
-side exit exhaust
-car comes stock with 2.3 straight 4 turbo its pretty fast for a wagon (t3 top mount turbo, fmic stock)

things it could use:

-new starter motor
-ebrake cable adjustment
-drivers side rear tail light

car also comes with winter wheels and tires and a box of some spare parts

car is a 1987 so no more emission tests for it :stuck_out_tongue:

um ive had this car since before last winter its been so amazing

its so damn fun in the snow u guys have no idea.

also it can fit tons of parts I’ve had 2 complete jdm subframes in it, sr20 engines, silvia front end etc.

Does this car come turbocharged?

Is this a joke?


reading > you

lol i think he ment if it came with a factory turbo, as in when the car was baught new. or if the turbo was an after market add on.


yes this car comes from the factory turbocharged and intercooled

so goood!

make me an offer


its in very good shape the exterior has a bit tiny tiny bit

underneath is very solid

its not like a 240sx these cars stay in good shape

Does this car need an emission test?