Fs: 1990 nissan 240sx $500

selling my winter car 90 240sx $500

my licence is suspened due to amount of tickets on my other car

its got 190 k, 5 speed white winter tires, no power sterring ,heat works, new exhaust and comes with safety only. located at martin grove and highway 7.

the frame is ok boxed in with metal! but drives from a to b, also needs a lil work on the rocker panels

only have 2 pix of the car

contact me at 416 949 0919


dude…this is a god sent…im looking for a 240, i dont care about the engine n shit cuz i have a reallllly good parts car i can use…(PM’d)

ygpm very interested in this…

Why do you have the wheels blocked. If this car drives from a to b will it be able to stop at b?

Because since the car is sitting you put blocks behind the wheel so there isnt any stress on the drivetrain or the ebrake getting stuck on

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