FS: 1991 240sx Coupe - Z32 brakes / HICAS Sway / 5spd / HUD / leather

Make/Model: 1991 Nissan 240sx LE
Asking Price: $3000
Condition: Used
Mileage: 275,000KM
Location: Stoney Creek, ON
Contact Info: Send PM for contact details and to schedule a meet
Pictures: Attached to posts below.

My 1991 coupe is up for sale. I’ve taken good care of the vehicle and put a lot of highway km’s on the car. I purchased the car with 143,000km and commuted with the vehicle between St. Catharines and Toronto and then from Stoney Creek to Mississauga.


  • Working HUD
  • Moon roof
  • All options
  • Leather Interior


  • 26MM Z32 brakes with Wagner rotors, OEM pads, SS Brake lines
  • 4mm Spacer for winter wheels
  • Extended Wheel studs on the front with open end lug nuts
  • Crossdrilled rear rotors with OEM pads
  • Rear HICAS sway bar
  • Centerforce Dual Friction clutch
  • K&N Drop-In filter
  • Custom SS Exhaust, 1 peice with high flow cat, large resonator and turbo style muffler.
  • C’s Short shifter


  • Passenger side Framerail is mint
  • Driverside has patched metal and a JDM framerail waiting to be welded in
  • Small amounts of rust on the roof
  • Little rust on the strut towers

Synthetic used in both VLSD and Transmission
Mobil 1 5w30 every 5000km

I have stock 7 spoke wheels as well as steelies with winter tires.

The car has incured door dents and rear quarter panel damage from parking lot’s, etc, so don’t expect a perfect body.
***Pictures will be up shortly


Wheel’s and Suspension not included.
@ Bings this year

Gonad’s twin
this is one sweet ass coupe, seen it in person.
if anyone pick this up take good care of it.

Rich has taken me for a spin at dunnville and this thing handles amazing. There’s so little that’s been done to it suspension wise but it handles like a champ.

any underbody and engine bay pics?

I don’t have any at the moment, but let me assure you it’s very clean (except driver side rail, which is patched).

I’ll post pictures on the weekend.

image001.jpg - drivers side framerail
image002.jpg - passenger side in front of rear wheel well
image003.jpg - moonroof
image004.jpg - front view
image005.jpg - driver side rear quarter

image006.jpg - side rear view
image007.jpg - interior
image008.jpg - driver side frame rail (patched)
image009.jpg - driver side frame rail (patched)
image010.jpg - front wheel with z32 and winter tires

image011.jpg - engine bay
image012.jpg - passenger side frame rail
image013.jpg - passenger side frame rail
image014.jpg - passenger side frame rail
image015.jpg - passenger side rear quarter


looks like a good deal!! i might consider

Just let me know! =D

Bump, car is now parked.

How much of a hurry are you in to sell? I may be interested if I can pay it off in installments, with you holding onto the car until it’s paid in full.

Not to be a wej, but are you accepting reasonable offers? I may be interested if I can arrange a buyer for my protege.

Sounds good, I’m not in a rush so I have no problems accepting installments.

I’m fair and will accept a deposit that is partially non-refundable based on how long I have to hold the car for.

(I PM’d Solarian)

Jowo72, I’m willing to accept reasonable offers I’ll PM you with my contact information.

SOLD, thanks for all the interest!