FS: 1994 S-10 SS


you should probably be un-lazy and actually copy and paste the ad, you cannot view it unless you are a member of s-10 forums…

just saying


dont worry, its not worth the 1500 anyways.

im a member on there, so heres a pic of it for those that wanted to see what it looks like. his description:
94 s10 SS. body is in good condition has dent in fender. no scabs or holes in body or frame. interior is very nice, no radio, missing fog light switch engine runs rough i think it has a bad bearing. great project truck. i would like to see someone throw a sbc in it and tub it 716-348-6341 Nick


sounds to be in about the same condition as my old s10, and i sold it for $300…

This thread sucks… :repost:

red vdub, just make a new thread when you have the time to post the actual ad here. I’m closing this one because it’s just going to get filled with bullshit.