FS: 1995 Nissan 240SX SE 5speed Modified.

FS: 1995 Nissan 240SX SE 5speed coupe, leather, factory LSD, power everything.

Basiclly this car is for sale. I am in no hurry to get rid of it but it would be nice to sell it soon. The reason for selling is because I want to either get something more practical(ie sedan) or even more completly impractical(ie porsche).

I originally purchased this vehicle last december for $21,000. The vehicle was appraised at $28,000 with $32,000 invested into it including the car(not including labor though). That was 6 monthes ago. I have further invested another $6,000 worth of parts(not including labor) and am about to build another engine for it costing about $5,000.

I’ve put on 7,000KM since owning the car. I don;t know the complete history of the car but when I last checked carfax, the title was clean and no reported accidents. The previous owner took great care in the car and was never winter driven durign that time. I unfortuantely put it through our recent winter but it was parked more then driven due to work being performed on the car. The car is washed religiosly and stored in a heated garage and rarely sees above 10 psi of boost.

A few issues with the vehicle is the usual wear on the leather seats after goign through 10 years, the front lip took some damage on one my drives to calgary and the front bumper has a bit of spidering on the paint, not noticeable unless looked at directly and I’ve yet to fully address tuning on the standalone fuel management system. 99% daily driveable, and performance wise, on and off the throttle you occasionally get a bog and I have the top richened up since I haven;t had time to fully dynotune the car yet. also 2 wheels are scratched. 1 is barely noticeable to the eye and the other is noticeable. I dropped them while puttign them away for winter… yes I’m clumsy.

The car is great to drive. The handleing is solid. Clutch is awesome for street use. There is great feedback in the steering wheel when turning. its light enough for parking but not so assisted you don;t feel the road… kidna hard to explain I guess. I’ve also all the paper work for this car since owning it in december. This is a great car for wahtever you’re planning. Theres still room for improvement but still more then enough for what most people need. After I’ve the cams installed, the car should be able to reach ~400 RWHP on high octane pump gas(thankfulyl get got 94 octane now). Similiar mods at 21PSI on freshalloy, someone was able to produce 409RWHP

Recently I discovered poor compression in the 4th cylinder so I’m gonna start the build on the 2nd engine(blacktop S13) in a week or so. My plans are for forged pistons, shot peened rods, port and polish, valve job and the usual items which go in towards an engine rebuild.
The car is still very driveable however I would not recommend any “spirited” driving. I still use it to get around here and there.

PRICE: For the vehicle “as is”(bad compression motor and you also get the spare blown blacktop S13 motor) $15,000
For the vehicle finished with the built motor I’m looking for $21,000.
Trades are welcome.

Anwyays… the parts are as follows.


SR20DET Blacktop 2.0L IC Turbo and Tranny
GT2871R .86 A/R Turbo
Top Speed Intake Manifold
Greddy Oil Pan
MR Pulleys
Greddy O2 Extension dump pipe.
Tomei Pro Cams 260°(not installed)
Tomei Rocker Arm Stoppers(not yet in, waiting for the built motor)
Tomei Valve Springs(not yet in, waiting for the built motor)
Grex 1.2mm Metal Head Gasket.
Greddy DD Silvia 3" Exhaust.
Blitz SUS Steel Mesh Air filter.
HKS Type S Front Mount Intercooler Kit w/piping. 23.62" x 11.85" x 2.56"
Turbo Smart Megasonic BOV
Project Silvia Engine Torque Dampener.
Speedville custom 3" Stainless Steel Mandrel bent Bruland Downpipe.
Dynomax Racing 3" Resonator
Custom Stainless Turbo Intake tube.
SS Auto Polished Stainless Equal Length Manifold
NGK R Platnum 300zxTT cold 7 plugs.
MSD 72lb Injectors (744cc)
Custom Top Feed Fuel from an Accel core made locally with a CnC.
Walbro 255 L/Hr Mustang in tank fuel pump.
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator (800hp rated)
Braided Fuel Lines.
300zx Fuel Filter.
16" 3000 CFM Permacool Electric Fan.
New 3 row 3” custom radiator (It’s as big core I could fit).
Relocated Battery to Trunk. With Battery Kill swich. (NHRA & IHRA Approved)


ACT stage 3, 6 puck clutch (unsprung)
Custom clutch line good for 2000psi.
9-lb. Chrome-moly TODA Racing flywheel


SDS standalone EMS/Ignition
WMS Wideband w/datalogging
Greddy Remote Switch System
Greddy full auto turbo timer
Greddy Profec B spec2 Boost Controller.
Greddy Boost Gauge(on order from JGY)
Autometer Phantom;(these will be installed shortly)
Water Temp
Oil Temp
Oil Pressure
Fuel Pressure


JDM Trust Strut Tower bar
ADR Design Kosei 18x8,18x9 wheels.
245/40/18, 265/35/18 Nitto 555R Extremes.
Mutunki Light wieght lug nuts.
300zxTT 30mm Aluminum 4 piston front Calipers.
300zx TT Drilled KVR rotors (front).
240sx TT Drilled KVR rotors (rear).
300zx Brake Master cylinder
KVR Carbon Fiber brake pads all around.
Russel Stainless Steel brake lines.
D2 36 way dampening, and height adjustable, full Coilovers
D2 front Pillow Ball Mounts
Whiteline Adjustable Front and Rear Sway Bars.
Whiteline Adjustable subframe bushing kit
Nismo S14 Power Brace


Nismo GT Shift Knob
Earls/Goodrich fittings on all fuel hoses.
OBX Short Shifter.
Momo shift Boot.

Stereo: (I’m not an audiophile, so I have no idea what model numbers these are)
Sony MP3 deck
Rockford Fosgate 4 channel amp
Kenwood 2 channel amp
1 10" Phoenix gold XS subwoofer
Pioneer 3 way speakers all around

more info and pics can be found at
this is the original thread in which I bought my car.

Please keep to the topic at hand. if you don’t think the price is fair, please state clearly for your reasoning.

If intrested, please email me at alpha_gangsta@hotmail.com and make your subject title clear. I get alot of junk mail and I’d hate to accidently delete your email.
you can reply to the thread or PM if you wish, but email would be best since I’m posting this on several forums I can;t check them all consistantly.

Anyways, thanks for the intrest and please ignore the grammatical error… I’m not in the habit of rereading my writing.

btw, these pics are last year… my digital camera was stolen so I wont be able to take any pictures soon, however I’m very flexible in my time for viewing.


You should get some exposure by putting it in the NECC booth at DTP. :slight_smile:

The term “Everything you want nothing you dont” comes to mind. :o

Awwww you’re selling it? Too bad. What a great car!

practicality ruins a lot of relationships. I would buy a second vehicle. Good luck with the sale. you might want to mention s13 blacktop, to the unknowledgeable buyers.