FS: 1997 Lincoln Town Car, runs exc., loaded...cheap!

I am selling my grandparents '97 Lincoln Town car for them since they got a '00 now. It has 129k miles and runs AWESOME. They obviously never abused it and the 4.6 V8 runs perfect, no smoke, nothing! It could use a little work, driver front window regulator needs to be replaced and the steering feels a little tight. It has alot of new parts, front tires, alignment, tierods, MAF, etc. Asking $2200 for the car which is a DIRT CHEAP. They averaged 21mpg in the CITY, 25 on the highway. Not bad for a large 4 door V8 car! Awesome riding car!!

I have it on ebay as well, but will sell to the 1st person with cash.

Thats sick…

I’ll pass the word around to some people who could be interested fuh real !


On ebay…9hrs left…at $1600 someone will get a STEAL they have invested over $2000 in the last YEAR into the car…she just wants it GONE!!!

GL with the sale… clean car

I see the auction ended… did it sell? This would make someone a killer lowrider. Nice fucking car.

Yep, I talked to him last night and I’m pretty sure the guy is for real. Have to wait and see!