FS 2003 cavy ls make me an offer

2003 ls auto 72,xxx
power windows
dark green with dark grey int.
winterforce snows with good life
car drives great
new pads and rotors with in the last 1000 miles
no rust
good on fuel average 32-33mpg mainly around town

selling because we picked up a crv . my gf has owed this for a little over a year and a half. . cars off the road time to get it outa here
2800 best offer

this car is in really good shape, that is an awesome price for a nice DD for someone.

Good deal, first year of the ecotec motor I think.

My gf has a 03 sunfire, it has the ecotec… Thing will run forever.

forgot to mention its a 2 door. car cant sit here for ever need to move it quikly make offers

I’ll offer $2k cash good offer this weekend and grab the title when it comes in.As long as the car is trashed which I’m sure it isn’t.


If im interested can i test drive GF also??

wow thats a great price man, these are good reliable cars. and the eco motor is awsome!

holy shit, for $2k that would be an INSANE deal. maybe I will buy 2 out of my last 3 cars from you.

special pricing for a special buyer like you:eekdance:

i thought you already did?

LoL I want to be special toooooooooo

i sent you back a counter offer. even what i sent you is pretty damn cheap for a newer reliable car

$4,485 we just need it gone even my asking price is WAY below FAIR kbb price


3000 bump

72k… have you done the timing chain/belt/whatever yet? ive already had 2 cavvys bite the dust at around 90k.

also, stick or auto?

auto and no i have not done that job shes owned it since june '07 and has only put 8 thousand miles on it. im not sure if its a chain or belt but if its a chain it does dot need to be change and if its a belt should be good to about 100k


2800 bump titles in hand now get it outa here