FS: 2010 VW GTI 6 Speed 121k APR Stage 2 $5400

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Your Location / Item Location: Amherst NY
You Contact (Real) Name: Jeremy
Preferred Contact Method (PM, Email, Phone): 716-380-5426
Price (If Applicable) & Currency (USD or CAN): $5400

I’m selling because I have several cars and I just got a work truck. This has been my daily driver for the last 5 years. I’m not sure how many cars are this fun for this kind of price, except for maybe a Miata, which I already have one of.

This car runs like a top. It has a clean title and I have the lien release. These engines have a timing chain, not a belt. They do not have cam follower problems like the FSI engines had. This one does not burn oil between changes. Transmission shifts are buttery smooth. It rides just like it looks like it would, but it handles the corners wonderfully. I have a new driver side door lock switch but never put it in. Sometimes the switch is finicky and you have to push it pretty hard, but it’s been good lately. Aside from that, everything works flawlessly. I have one key with a fob and one backup valet key. I have tons of stock parts that will be included in the sale.

• Bluetooth
• Cruise control
• Power windows and doors
• Heated power mirrors
• Heated front seats
• Stability and traction control

• APR Stage 2 tune with 4 files (stock, 91, 93, 104)
• Godspeed 3” catless downpipe
• APR Carbonio stage 1 intake
• AWE Tuning turbo outlet pipe

• APR aluminum solid shifter cable bracket
• Spulen quick change short shift kit
• Torque Solutions shifter cable bushings
• Redline MT90 fluid
• Black Forest Industries engine and transmission mounts
• Spulen dog bone mount insert
• HS Tuning RSR clutch kit

• ST Coilovers
• 034 density line front strut mounts/OEM rear strut mounts
• Stabilia 25mm adjustable solid rear sway bar
• Super Pro anti lift kit front control arm bushings
• Tyrol Sport rigid dead set subframe collar kit front and rear
• Stern rear lower subframe brace

• 4 new Sentury UHP 225/45R17 tires, fresh NYS inspection 121k
• Clip that holds clutch line to master cylinder replaced 121k
• Castrol 5W-40 synthetic oil every 5k miles, most recent at 120k
• Coilpacks, PCV valve diaphragm, Bosch rear wiper, and Meyhle HD front sway bar end links 118k
• Accessory belt and fuel filter 107k
• Rear pads and rotors 106k
• Cabin air filter, Bosch Aeroblade front wipers, rear license plate light housing and socket, LED third brake light, and turbo V band clamp done at 105k
• NGK Laser Platinum spark plugs 100k
• Battery 95k
• Secondary air injection hose 90k
• Driver power window switch, it is one piece with all four switches 80k
• Front rotors and EBC Red pads 75k (both still have tons of life left on them)
• All rear suspension bushings replaced when the coilovers were done. They weren’t needed but it was one of those while we are in there moves 75K
• Coilpacks 72k
• Front wheel bearing 65k

The Bad:
• Rust
• Valve cover gasket seeps a little, nothing too bad though. It looks like most of it seeps from the cam position sensor (takes about 3 minutes to change) and I have a new one, just never concerned me enough to change it
• Rear suspension squeaks a little. No clunks, nothing has play but it does squeak

Call Jeremy at 716-380-5426

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Have you tried taking it to Northtown for the rust? VW warranty is 12 years, unlimited miles. Just before I sold my CC Northtown put on 2 new front fenders and a new trunk lid then basically repainted half the car by the time they blended it. Really helped me get top dollar for it when I sold it since the car looked brand new after all the body work.

If you’re going to try definitely go to Northtown, as another VW dealer in the area gave me a hard time and looked for any reason to deny the claim. “This small section of hood looks like it was resprayed at some point, so we can’t warranty any of this rust that’s no where near the spray.” Never mind that it was obvious looking at it that the fender rusted out from the inside and that’s because VW stuck foam there from the factory that holds salt right against the inside of the fender. Meanwhile Northtown looked at for 30 seconds and was like, “Oh, it’s covered, they all rust right there, we’ll get it submitted today”. In fact when I brought it in I only saw the drivers side and trunk lid rust. It was the Northtown guy that looked really close at the passenger fender and pointed out the tiniest bubble starting to form and said he’d do that fender too since if he didn’t I’d just be back in a couple months. It did take a month or so for VW corp to approve it and move all the paperwork through.

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