FS: 86 z28 stroked 383

I’m selling my 86 z28 with a stroked 383 motor.

It is carbed with a 700cfm Holley.

Built 700r4 with billet covette servos.

MSD Billet Dist.

Posi rear with 28 spline axles.

Black exterior with two tone red/black interior.

3" catback flowmaster exhaust with edelbrock geaders.

70k original miles, >1k on the motor.

No track or dyno numbers, but approx numbers would be 350-400 hp/tq

5,000 obo

ummmmmm tom why are u selling???

Found a new project.

pm me :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe i know i know

me too me too

No more head gasket problems on roadtrips?


HAHAHA No no more head gasket problems. It drove fine on the way home.

Sharp low mileage 3rd gen. good deal for someone

automajik or 5 speed?

700R4 is an automajik

Got married and now you have to sell your car. That is what women do to you

Excellent car with all the right parts

HAHA :lol:

Actually I was selling it hoping to get the 89 Iroc with the 383 TPI that was for sale. on WNYFBody.com

hmm no, be happy you didn’t buy that car. It wasn’t anything that it was suppose to be

still for sale?

According to the owner’s wife…YES IT IS :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s still 5k, but if I get the heads I want, I’m going to bump it up to 6k.

I’m in no hurry to sell. Its basically if some one offers me money I would seriously think about it.