fs:95 z28

up for sale is a 1995 Purple Camaro Z28…

6 speed
BOSE sound system


bump for a clean z28 :tup:

bump 4,000/firm


free bump for good price!

This is a very nice car…someone buy my talon than this.

any problems with it?? opti-spark been replaced?? intake oil leak??


Congrats on the sale!!!

false not sold, kid didnt fall thru like he was supposed to, still for sale at 4800obo

very nice quick car someone buy this that wants to be fast and beat up on hatches hehe glws

??? this was never answered

sorry, no problems with it, there is no intake oil leak, opti has been replaced to my knowledge

Wait! I thought it was stock?
Whats done to it?

Its not fast and unless your hatch is red your not fast either…lol!!!

he has red rims :gotme: lol

sum1 buy this, lenny is a honda boy, his dad wanted to get him outta it so he got him this. none the less, fast car, it rides nice, 3rd gear = sweeeet


is stock, beat white hatch red rims, white hatch w/ fat fives(shitty new driver), green hatch…

Umm, ok I dont know who the hell those people are but ok. Sorry to here your not into the car. Good luck with whatever your doing :gotme: