fs: 88 rx-7

104,xxx miles runs great,has a new clutch less than 2000 miles ago power windows and locks, headlights work (go up and down) sun roof, lsd, cd player,cruise control leather seats a/c. Only down fall is i got hit in the right rear quarter by an old lady last weak but its nuthing a wide body kit wont cover up .


Everyone happy, now buy my car!
and these are old i have all 4 stock wheels on it now




pics after accident pls

does it leak oil? where are you located, i wanna take it for a test drive tommorrow possibly

pics of it after the accident


and it does not leak oil

yea pm me ur your phone number, i would like to take a look at it

hmmmm…$850? this would be a good project kaa!

thats not a bad price, someone get this.

lsjuan this bitch


man, would make such a good project car :stuck_out_tongue:

or just leave it till it explodes…

I’ve really been diggin FC’s lately… how are they in the snow?? :slight_smile:

still slow :slight_smile:

thats fine, as long as it isnt super sux in the snow :stuck_out_tongue:

ive always wante dot do the v8 swap in one of these

Is it sold???

Let me know

yes its sold i have alot of dsm parts to sell now though

what are u selling?