FS: 94 civic parts car

i have a 94 2rd ex civic 5speed with around 200,000 miles on it. new clutch last year, new exhaust and starter 2 weeks ago. exhaust replaced from the Cat and back. car is rusting and paint is faided. interior is mostly mint. the reason for parts car is the front right upper and lower control arm broke and the CV chaft shattered. the car comes with 4 steelies with 2 back winter tires and the 2 front tires are shot… sorry no pics but u can call me at 3810065 this car will be junked by Sat afternoon if nobody wants it. i wanna get about 300 for it, just with the exhaust and starter i paid 450. also the dizzy was replaced last year. the car is located in West Sececa at the Red Brick Inn at 444 Indian Church. call me anytime ill answer.

i want the hood, front bumper and pass fender…

interested in any trades for it??

sold to me!

parts or running car will be FS in a few days

sorry guys not parting it out. the rims are for sale for 400 though.

i need parts!!!

talk to 91crx he will have it after tomarrow

Is this my old civic??? WTF happened?

i want hood, bumper and pass fender!

I dont think im taking this anymore. i dont have time/room for it really. some1 should buy it. the ECU alone is worth $100

Is it black, my old civic? I want it back. Lots of good parts on there, door panels are worth $120 alone, so is the ECU. I could part that and make a shit load. What is he asking for it now?

hes only asking 300 n we agreed on $200

i just have a few things going on right now and dont think i can deal with it

OK, but is it black, MY OLD CIVIC?

its a BLACK 94 civic EX

post a pic…i’m interested

Its my old then, I call DIBS. I will pick it up tomorrow.

jdmsir, get ahold of me when u get it, im gonna come and snag a few things.

If I do what do you need? I know the car inside and out.

im sure i need more, but the first thing that comes to mind is the wiper fluid system(the whole thing, motor tank and all). also, i need the weatherstripping that goes along the outside of the window(with the clips in tact!!)

still 4 sale?