FS: 96 GMC Sierra

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Ok so ive finally decided to sell my truck. Only reason I really want to sell it is because my brother is going to give me an insane deal on his fbod.

Some details:

-129,000 miles
-Bench seats
-Pretty much no options ie. no power windows, no ac, no cd player, etc.
-Interior is cloth and tan
-Extended cab with 6.5ft bed
-305 ci vortec motor

The good:

The thing runs fricking awesome. It recently had a tune up in april and was also inspected. The two back tires were replaced not too long ago. I have receipts for most of this stuff I think somewhere. My family have been the ONLY owners and it was driven by my dad for about 115k of its life and no joke it took him about 2 minutes to get up to 40mph. He drove the thing like a grandma. It has a clean title and no major accidents except for one minor one but I will get to that later. Like I said its 2wd, yeah yeah I know its not a 4x4 but it still handles pretty decent in the snow. Taking off in snow is a bit slow but once you are going its a tank. Interior is pretty clean. The drivers seat is a little dirty and what not but with a quick shampooing it would clean up real nice. I also just replaced the belt and idler puller like 2 weeks ago.

The bad:

Like I mentioned before it was in a small accident. I rear ended somebody downtown and never bothered to get it fixed. It pretty much just pushed the front bumper up a bit, cracked the front grill (which you cant see at all) and did a couple other minor things that you can look at. I also hit a duck like 2 weeks after that and it cracked the passenger side headlight. It works fine but it broke the bracket that holds it in so when you are driving you can see the light on the road bobbing a bit. People that have driven in front of me said they dont even notice it. It has some scratches and spots where the paint was worn down from a rope being up against it when I was moving crap. Also when my dad owned it somebody decided to be an asshole and key the back of it. Other than those things the paint looks pretty good.

This is a good solid truck that has moved many ubrf’ers things so im sure they can all vouch for me that its pretty nice looking and runs awesome. I ran a kbb for it with private value and it said $3900 which is around what im looking to get. I would take a few hundred less though but thats about as low as I wanna go.

I will try to have pictures up tommorrow as I want to clean it up a bit before I take any. If there is anything im forgetting I will add it in as I remember. Anyways BUY IT so I can get this Camaro!!!


ill have pics up pretty shortly