FS: ATI RADEON X300 SE PCI Express 128mb Video Card 25$

50$ obo. If you want a nice cheap 128mb pci express video card then this is it.

It will play the following games on medium

-Battle Field 2

-Doom 3

-Star wars Knights of the old Republic II

-MOH Pacific Assault

  • Star wars republic commando

It will play these games on medium-high

-Half Life 2 with x2 anti-aliasing and x2 filtering

-World of war craft

It will play the following games on high

-Counter strike source with everything on high, reflect world, bloom if available, Anti-aliasing x4 with x4 filtering.

-Battle Field vietnam.

Note all these spec were run on my computer with P4 dual CPUs, 3.0 MHz processor speed and 1 GIG of ram. So the performance might vary depending on your setup.

For more information pm me!


bump 40$??


if i knew if my mobo was a PCI or AGP i’d let you know :frowning:


Post your mobo brand and model number.

Odds are it’s a AGP.

his was a agp

40$ for a 140$ video card that was only used for 3 months!!!

30$ takes it.


Sick price for a PCi-e card. Good luck .