FS: b16a2 complete swap\ tons of turbo stuff brand new cheap

alright guys i love this motor and theres a ton of time and money into it but from the start i wanted to build a all motor car but instead wenet turbo. since i found a sweet ass n\a motor i wont to get rid of this asap!!!

everything is BRAND NEW put on the car but car hasnt been put on the road.

alright the swap: $2100.00
b16a2 out of a 99 si 22,000 i believe- $1500.00
b16a2 tranny perfect condition-$700.00
exedy 8lbs. flywheel
exedy stage 2 clutch
3 angle valve job
itr cams
complete crower valve train
dsm 440’s or stock injectors buyers choice
red valve cover
chiped p72

the turbo stuff:$2500
garrett super 60 brand new stage 3 wheels-$600.00
ebay chrome header-$100.00
turbonetics deltagate 38mm-$100.00
greddy type s blow off valve-$200.00
johny race intrcooler 24"x10-$250.00
2.5" intercooler piping for eg-$250.00
3" downpipe-$250.00
greddy E manage, support tool, all wiring harnesses-$300.00
greddy spec b boost controller-$225.00
greddy turbo timer-$40.00
autometer boost gauge-$25.00
stewart warner digital tach, oil presure, water temp-$100.00
all stainless steel lines and fittings-$120
dsm 440cc-$50.00

im very interested in a lot of the turbo parts. please email me at tmaniaci@buffalo.edu… ide like the intercooler, eg pipiing, and the downpipe. thanks

emailed you good stuff here

good stuff :tup:

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