fs: turbo 92 eg b16a2 all brand new $6500.00 pics

i had all my parts for sale be for cause i wont an all motor setup but there not selling so i guess ill try and sell the car with it too.

the car:
brand new paint red\silver
full interior
custom suade seats red\black with honda inbroiderd in the headrest
red carpet
infinity components

koni yellows with apexi spring all around 2" drop
2000 si wheels with dunlop sports
camber kit
front and rear strut tower braces

b16a2 out of a 00 si has 2500 miles on it
itr cams\full crower valve train
3 angle valve job
garrett super 60
johney race front mount intercooler 24"x10"
custom 2.5" intercooler piping
custom 3" downpipe
greddy type s BLOV
turbonetics deltagate wastegate
dsm 450cc
fluidine radiator (aluminum)
ebay chrome turbo header braced in 3 places so it cant crack
custom 3" full exhaust\with flowmaster muffler

greddy spec B boost controller
greddy turbo timer
have a greddy e manage but not hooked up will throw in has all harnesses and support tool

car is really fun but want a all motor car the only down is it needs a tune is good for about 5 psi right now but would get it ntuned if you want to run more

asking: $6500.00

heres the links for pics:

dead beat buyer:

go down alittle ways and the pics of the body are there that was before i bought the car now its completeely finished:

bump… this cars worth at least 20k

omg this post is 3 years old.

and at most 50k?

Why the shit are you bumping a 3 year old FS thread with dead ebay links?

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