FS: Bills vs Steelers in toronto vip platinum


section 235
row 8
seats 7 and 8

platinum vip, i think it includes food/beverages, possibly the tailgate party too. im checking on that right now. face value on tickets are $575 each!!!

my boss bid on them at a benefit tonite so he’s taking reasonable offers. if no interest ill just use them as my bday gift.

seat map here


i called ticket master and they said that platinum vip doesent include food, but its closed off more comfortable seating with access to vip only areas like the vip lounge, the martini bar, some restaurants too. hell i should go to toronto and sell them! i wonder if i sold them at face value or less if that would be legal.


lol @ 575 per ticket for preseason nfl football.

you know what is funny? i bet that is about the price i would be able to sell one of my 100 level season ticket seats to a sabres game IF THEY WERE IN THE STANLEY CUP FINALS!!!



i know its crazy. if we can get $400 per, we will take it and run for sure. my best bet is to sell them at the stadium or just go to the game. its on my bday so it would be a cool present anyway. win win either way.