FS: Canon Powershot S3 IS w/ wideangle lens

Just looking to see what can happen since I’ve been looking to upgrade to a D40x and take the jump to dSLR’s. I’m taking a trip to China and Korea this winter so thats what finally pushed me.

The camera is in very good condition. I always have it in the case if i’m not using it and have never dropped it or anything of the sort. I got it for Xmas last year but broke the original one I had and then got the current one in March. It’s a great camera for the money and has alot of great features on it.

Here’s a review on it:

Here is the lens adapter/hood kit:

and the Wide angle lens which I’ve used 3 or 4 times:

I’d be looking to get about $300 for everything including the carrying case I have. or $225 for just the camera.

Heres a couple shots i’ve done with the camera.

oooooooh got any black and white pics i can see?

wow…i wish i had the cash for this

yeah these are nice, GLWS

not too many. heres a couple…

how come the bike shots turned out like doodoo… blahhhhhh

How much would you want for the wide angle lens please?

you need the adapter as well. so how about $100 for both.


this is not a removable lens cam is it?


This is a really nice little camera to carry around. $225 is a good price. I think I paid that much + shipping for one off Ebay last week, had to replace my friend’s that I broke :shoot:

damn, i should have put this up last week. :smash2:

this is definitely for sale now btw. if a mod sees this, can you change the title to FS.

or you could just change it yourself.

I forgot I had to go into advanced to be able to do it. done.

does it come with memory cards? or can I askwhat kind does it take?

i’ll give the 16mb one it came with but i’m keeping the 2gb one I have.

It uses SD cards.

SOLD on another forum.

thanks everyone.