FS: Evo VIII, only 4500 bucks..



hahahah “needs body work”

no pics of the front end??

buy it now :gotme:

yea … i would REALY trust the suspension on a car like that … if the suspension was KNOWN to be good, it would be great for a lancer or 3g eclipse owner who wants to do a full swap, but w/o knowing that for sure, theres no way to properly align it

i would also want pics of it still in its final resting spot after the wreck … if it landed wheels down, fine, if it landed wheels up i would consider the engine junk … because it could very easily have still been running after the wreck … ie oil starved

for the risk involved … 2k tops

whats with the number on the side?

looks like someone made a demo derby car out of it

looks like its sitting in impound or at an auction … probably has something to do w/ the resale of the vehical as it looks to be silver duct take w/o any damage on it

also appears to have been partialy disassembled, as the pass side tailight mounting holes are empty, and the decklid was removed, not ripped off

i wouldnt pay 4500 for that if the guy trailered it to my door for free. how the fuck did the airbags not deploy?

i think its pretty shady, not many pics at all

airbags actualy have a limited range for deployment, and are only ment to deploy if theres a FRONTAL impact of sufficient force

as most of the side damage appears to be behind the front fender , and the roof is more crushed in the rear, it would appear that the car slid w/o “catching” on anything like a mound of dirt / rock / brick wall

ive seen cars that cartwheeled end over end off the side of the highway that didnt blow the bags because none of the forces on the car was within the range of motion for the air bag sensors

on the other hand, ive seen potholes bend a wheel and blow a front bag, and ive seen cars that slid into a curb in the snow which popped a tire and blew a side bag

yeah but look at the hood, looks collapsed enough to have sustained sufficient force to blow the bags. im not saying the guy is a liar, im saying i dont know why they didnt deploy.

oh wow…thats mangled pretty bad, lol…

a folded hood - in and of itself - doesnt give a very good look at the amount of frontal impact a vehical received … it takes about 200 pounds of force to bend the hool like that

airbags usualy need a good solid jolt to the frame or engine cradle to deploy, and it has to put the car under a predetermined deceleration g-force

Just a box of pop rivits… few cans of primer…:mamoru:

I’m almost tempted to do a carfax…see it if was in any fender benders :slight_smile:

no, but really…do one…see what comes up…if nothing comes up, it would really make one wonder, about carfax, sucking.

of the 2 cars that i know had a carfax run on them … 2 cars i got a good look at … both had repair work done

one had the 1/4 panal repaired … very minor stuff

the other one had all new panels ahead of the doors … both pass side doors , pass side 1/4 AND all of the rear bumper had HEAVY bodywork done to them

that second car was forsale at south transit chrysler … i had the salesman try to tell me i was wrong too … even tho the air bubles in the bond on the 1/4 were showing still

carfax is usefull for flood damage … anything other then that just use your eyes … learn how to spot shop installed seam sealer and body filler under the paint

only thing its good for is drive train…unibody is fucked…the roof alone to get fixed will be outragous…then the rest of the car…hmmmmmmmmmmmmm riiiiiiiiiiiiiight

find a flooded lancer out of florida, swap the lancer panels onto the evo,

rock the wolds sneakiest evo8

florida is gods way of giving the rest of the US cheap race cars

the sellers name is “sidewaysrules” :bloated:

sideways does rule

but upsidedown pwned him

I bet it happened at an auto or rallycross…

The car is worth about 1700-2300 to me… maybe 2700 if the drivetrain looks really good in person.

Like hotrod said, airbags will usually not deploy in an accident like this, the last rolled wrx we had come in had all airbags intact, and it looked as bad as this car.