FS: ford probe lx - $200 - NOT MINE

[color=black]saw this guy on french and nancy … south side of the street … mapquest that intersection [/color]

a quick look at the sides / front show no dents bigger then mall rash, didnt notice ANY rust and all panels seam to line up quite well

i didnt look at it from the rear

i have aNO CLUE how it runs / drive or why the price is so low

go take a look … coould be a nice project for u probe guys, or could make a nice parts car

and no i dont have the phone number … didnt have a chance to write it down, but teh number is on the carboard for sale sign on the dash

additional info:

the car is originaly from SC, as thats what the dealer nameplate on the rear hatch says

the lower rear edge of the drivers door does have rustdamage … approx 6" long

pass door has the same amount of rust, starting approx 6" back from the front lower corner

both front fenders have small spots of rust poping out where the fender and bumper meet at the wheel well (talon / eclipse style)

interior is grey cloth … overall good condition

manual transmission

unknown miles


ooh, good find, my friend said she’s looking for a cheap car, maybe we’ll go check it out and see if it runs sometime. thanks!

np mang

yo, someone buy and drop the fe3 motor in yo!

damn i need a winter beater…may be ill check it out