FS/FT 93 VW Passat 2.0 16v 5 speed sedan I BOUGHT ANOTHER CAR, PRICE DROP!!!

im selling my daily driver, 93 passat 16v 5 speed. i got the car from my girlfriend’s father, who snapped the timing belt while driving it, killing the motor. i bought a parts car to for the swap and now the car runs great. i would seriously no hesitate to drive this thing across the country. its made the trip from western ny to the southern tip of NY (5+ hours) a few times with zero issues, very comfortably. OFFER ME TRADES, IM OPEN TO ANYTHING VW/AUDI, BMW, HONDA/ACURA anything really located in geneseo NY 14454

the good:
30k on rebuilt 2.0 16v
nearly new clutch
new platinum plugs
new slave cyl
new brake lines
new brake fluid (obviously)
newer front struts and new RF spring
tires are all 60%+
MINT all black interior (besides the homo floor mats)
new OE spoiler (from the parts car)
all power windows work perfect
power locks word perfect (no leaks)
heat is hotter than hell in july
shifts wonderful
28mpg highway/24mpg city
oil changed every 2500 miles (clean when i changed it!)
coolant flushed 5k miles ago
K+N drop in

the bad:
MINOR surface rust on a couple areas
small crack at base of windshield (hasnt spread at all since it happened)
power steering doesnt work, but my 115lb girlfriend drives it and it doesnt bother her
A/C isnt hooked up, but i have everything
could use an alignment, doesnt wear tires weird, but pulls to the right slightly
exhaust is shot, but its not loud, and you cant even hear it in the car.

i think thats it. its a really really solid car. i’ll even include the parts car with it if my asking price is met (will need to be towed). the parts car is complete minus the front end and engine. i still have the complete, perfect transmission from it too, so the car could come with a spare transmission. the car isnt perfect, its 14 years old, but its solid, reliable, and INVISIBLE to police.

i would like $1900 for it.

sorry for the carppy pics, it snowed yesterday



91 dodge stealth, needs clutch, but a new exedy is included.

hmmm… i like. ive always wanted one of these but i dont need another car right now.

free bumb for j00

Not bad. Good price too glws!

those floormats are hilarious

good seller :tup:

thanks everyone, marnie, do not show those pics to anyone, im not proud of those

just to let everyone know, the $1900 is with the parts car INCLUDED. i’ll see it with the spare tranny too for $2k

pms replied to


I have spare B3 Passat parts that I will give to whoever buys this car. I have black doors with power windows, front grills, cooling fans, etc. I’ve parted out 2 Passats.

I did. :slight_smile:

um, wow, thanks man. buy this car and get mad parts!!!

trade for a 92 cackord?

sure. decent shape? i love them. my brother has one and i want it. pm me. please let it be 5 speed

i just bought another car. new price is $1500!
im doing new front brakes on it tomorrow. whoever buys this is getting a steal

come on. $1500 parts car included

My offer still stand and you can keep the parts car.


well,… i can see where you got your STD from.

that didnt make any sense. now please, go away