FS : IBM Thinkpad Laptop

As stated in another thread I am moving and looking to get rid of some extra things I have. I don’t really have to get rid of this but it would be nice

IBM I-Series Thinkpad 1300

750 MHz laptio
128 meg of ram
10 gig harddrive
Battery runs strong (bout 1-2hrs) but could be replace on ebay for $30.00
13" TFT Lcd screen

Ok so now the bad part - the internal wireless and wired ethernet do not work on this unit however there is a wired card that I will provide with the computer. I have also used a usb wireless with this laptop and that works fine but do not have it to sell.

Asking $200…ebay is selling for around $250 + shipping

Also I am providing XP home edition on the laptop only…no cd

serial port by chance?

<off-topic> I have an older one with a serial-port if your interested. </off topic>

And bump for a solid laptop.

No it doesn’t

This thing is a tank, bump for OG thinkpads

actually this one isnt so bad I have seen the older thinkpads that look more like weapons. This one is a 1 1/2" thick and 11 1/4" wide

100 :slight_smile:

hmmm $50 more

can internet work anyway whatsoever?

yeah it has a lan card in it


so no 100 :slight_smile:

got a pic of this beast?

SOLD :stuck_out_tongue:

hell of a nice machine for $200 :tup:

especially when u get it for less
:tup: good sale man

fyi, plug the cable into the lan card then plug the card into the pc… incase cory didn’t tell you.

uy mean the cable into the PC?
then the interweb will work?

i mean the cat5e patch ethernet cable that runs to your modem/router.

router/modem >> cat5e patch cable >> pcmcia card >> pcmcia port

that’s the order you connect the items, to connect it to the internet…

ill give it a try thanks :slight_smile: