FS: NEC E949


It is pretty nice, its the worlds thinnest phone. I have used it for a total of an hour, and it works great (In east amherst and the city at least)

I paid about $170. Im asking $140.

edit: It is unlocked, so it will work with cingular, and if you are unfortunate enough to have it, t-mobile

ill give you $100 for it let me know thanks

why are you selling this!! you just friggin got this lol

$100 and I get to punch you in the face. Im serious. Let me know. That or $140.

And im selling it because I have like 6 phones, and this is the least leet of the lot.

alrite deal…do i have to be stationary? or can i wear a hockey mask?

I will take $110

Bump. I will take $100, and deliver.

here’s your chance to get away without a black eye, david

i want your one phone, the one that looks like a jump drive

I used the phone again today, because my other phone was dead for some reason, and it really works well, and takes really nice pictures…

Its nice to be able to carry a phone in your pocket thats so stoopid thin, you dont know its there…

damn, i kinda want it, and thats not a bad price. i wish i wasnt so broke. i hate my cingular free phone

buy it. do it. dont be a pussy…

Last bump. $80, and i will deliver

edit: another link



so dew it.

During my final architecture review, the professors paid more attention to the phone than they did to me :bloated:

can it use Cingular sim cards?

yes. That or t-mobile.

still have too many phones…

do you know if this will work with cricket?


verizon sucks

so does the razrs battery life

If cricket phones take a SIM, then yes…

and dre, buy it anyway…