Im selling a spa 6000 turbo .63ar. this turbo is 2 weeks old, and it still in new condition i it has about a 100 miles on it. im letting it go for 600 obo. ~rated at 700hp~
fyi- spa is a brazilian company and they been making turbos for 20 years.

WTF is “berzlian”? And I will be the first to start here and I will prob be the least harsh… This “turbo” will NEVER sell for anywhere near $700. You’ll be lucky if you find some poor idiot to pay $200-$300.

Sorry to be that guy…but a brand new true Garrett product can be had for less money and you know you’re buying quality. Not some kind of knock-off. And what the hell is up with putting a s/n p/n tag on the thing and not print anything there? Right there throws a flag to me, that and the 700HP claim.

Not bashing you man, GLWS.


I meant to say brazilian so i dont get someone saying its chines junk. and before you go ahead and make a post like this please take some time and find out what spa is. people been using their turbos for years and nothing but good info on them. and thats how much they sell for. and their are numbers on that plate btw, you just cant see them in the pic.


Garrett FTW

Over $100 less, brand new from a dealer.



10 dollars… and thats pushing it


WTF? SPA isnt a bad company

ha. the link posted to vwv, the OP destroyed the turbo in under 500 miles.

ok and they been sold out for month, idk why they even still list them on their website. i been trying to get my hands on a spa7000 from them for the last 3 month.


ok, I doubt anyone wants a journal bearing T3 with similar dimensions to a Garrett GT40 bad enough to pay over retail


you keep thinkin that then, while people buy and sell them every day.

yeah… every day… since it’s been on Honda Tech since October

Thats because a SPA turbo is like a fine glass of wine. It is not for every one and takes a certain person to want it. Or people realize that they are of poor quality and just go with what works

:rofl… like were talking about some rare mystical turbo

ok enough bashing of spa’s turbos im sure no one on here have any personal experiance with them includeing me i never ran this turbo. so im not gona try prove anything to anyone. this is a for sale thread, if you dont like the price make an offer. if you dont like the quality or in love with another brand then this is not for you.

Would you be willing to throw in a steak dinner to sweeten the deal?