FS/T: Chivas Regal -Liquor-

For sale or trade:

Not exactly sure, but I think I have more.

(1) 750ml bottle in box (could be 1L i’ll check later)
(2) 750ml bottle(s) with glasses
(1) 1L bottle
(1) 1.75L bottle with ice bucket

Make offer, will consider trades of Corona Light. :slight_smile:

Absolutely no sales to minors, I will be checking ID.



mike, uhh, pm me…

sale pending on the 1L…

I went to a chivas regal tasting dinner. That shit is fucking fire water.:tdown:

ehh, to each his own. some people like scotch whisky…

I fucking got hammered off of just chivas one night, it tasted like shit but by the 4th rox glass things started to not matter…

best thing was I woke up the next morning like 6 hours later no hangover no nothing :slight_smile:

:tup: scotch

i got dibs on both of the bottles with glasses.

PMs sent

oh btw, that one in the box was a 1L so:

(1) 1L bottle in box
(2) 750ml bottle(s) with glasses [waiting for reply]
(1) 1L bottle [sale pending]
(1) 1.75L bottle with ice bucket [waiting for reply]

Sold – (1) 1L bottle – Thank you

Still available:
(1) 1L bottle in box
(2) 750ml bottle(s) with glasses
(1) 1.75L bottle with ice bucket

get this stuff before i post it on the other forum. :smiley:

its gone

i got all kinds of fucked up

(2) 750ml bottle(s) with glasses (sale pending)

all gone, thanks nyspeed. :smiley: