FS: Z32 TT Parts Prices Reduced

disassembled Axels…$50 for the set
Rear Diff… $225
Front Sway Bar…$50
Rear Sway Bar…$50
Steering Rack…$75
Complete Rear Sub Frame…$150
Rear Shocks and springs…$100 for the set
Front Shocks and Springs…$100 for the set
PM me with any questions, or offers

Just out of curiousity, what model year and what was the approximate mileage on this chassis? Thanks.

I beleive it was a `94 with about 88,000kms

are you parting out a z32? if so would these parts fit on a 1990 z32?


Im not sure which parts are inter-changeable but i would think quite a few would be someone correct me if im wrong

here is what i would want the 2 brackets holding the fender adn bumper how much would u part it for?

i dont have those kickin around anymore sorry

Do you have just these parts, or the whole car, or rear of a car? I’m actually looking for an OEM 94+ style TT spoiler. Do you have one for sale?


i wish i could help but these are most of the parts i got no wing

Can I ask where you got the parts from then? (assuming the rest of the car they came from is still out there somewhere…)


The car was being stored a a friends dads shop and during winter he needed the space so we had to get rid of it; unfortunately there wasnt much left of it so it ended up at a scrap yard

bump :anal


selling the MAF at all ?

i think those are gone/ spoken for already

unfortunatley i dont have the MAF



fan clutch?