Gasket part # help


Anyone know what is the part # for the exhaust gasket (the one between engine block and exhaust manifold). It is a 98 S13 Sr20det blacktop engine. 14036-53J00 or 14036-0M300??
For the 4 holes gasket between exhaust manifold and turbo.
Is it #14445-40P00???

Thanks for your help.

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hey you can use pretty much any t25 gasket. Get one off ebay.

95 300zx TT

I want some oem gasket. Anyone knows the gasket parts #?? thanks.

I don’t know it this helps… but it’s the best I can do…

Paul, I think he’s just looking for a standard T2-flange turbo gasket.

If you insist on going through Nissan, tell them you have a 90-96 300ZX and use part number: 14415-17M00

I am pretty sure he is asking for both

I have an exhaust manifold gasket if you want to pick it up, and you dont need a gasket between the turbo and teh exhaust mani just dremel it smooth

My Japanese FAST software is on my desktop PC, which is currently down.

I can have a number for you in a few hours though.

I am pretty sure he is asking for both[/quote]

My bad! Sorry Paul. Now I’m lookin at it and it says between block and manifold. I’m pretty sure that used to say manifold and turbo-- at least it did in my head. :oops:

Anyyyways… sr turbo exhaust manifold gasket part # = 14036-53J00 and from what I can see it’s the same for all SRs.

Thanks for all the help :wink: