Goalie Needed!

A bunch of my friends and I are playing Ice hockey at the pepsi center from 1130pm-1230am on fridays. We currently have 1 goalie and we need a 2nd, and of course goalies play free. So if you know someone or want to play net please let me know asap… Thanks Phil

We have the rink weekly and if we need additional players Ill post it up

I play net but need a week or two off with a messed up groin. Coldaccord plays net too. I might be down to skate out as a forward though.

I saw a post with the same title on the Ottawa Sun’s site a couple weeks ago, by some guy named Brian Murray.

yah deff post up if u need people to play out!

hmmm. what is the skate like. good players?

really laid back its like a total noob fest, lots of guys who are just starting out/ havent played in a long time, (like me). So for an hour you get to watch alot us slip an fall then laugh for free.

Will do about posting the need for extra players,

hm. i’d be down to play forward

Ill know about extra skaters later tonite but right now the primary focus is net.

i know a couple goalies who i could probably sucker into playing but they all live in buffalo. i could drive if ic ould play out…

So whats the scoop? i might wanna skate tnight (forward)