Great Engine Shop in GTA

Hey, (btw we need a sticky for this because I had no idea were to post lol) I just had to replace my headgasket and figured I’d post up a solid reliable engine shop around the GTA, mostly to east enders. Theres a place called Terry’s Engine Center in Oshawa, they resurfaced and cleaned my head. Its the place to go in Durham for engine work in my opinion. Extremely professional work, and very good work, for a fair price… Take a drive by and check it out if you want , its legit.

Anyway, nice place to get a rebuild or any resurfacing done around here, and well worth the drive if your in the GTA. I hate when mechanics are dicks, especially when its against kids. Im 19 but look 17 lol, and when I get treated like shit I walk out right away, but this wasnt the case.

I think a sticky should be made for Good Shop/Bad shop here, but maybe there was and I couldnt find it, :dunno:

Anyways, peace, thought i’d try and help out.


Draggone performance we build engines.

lol yea, some of us are not that talented or don’t have the parts/machines :wink: