Grey s15 at right drive

Hey anyone know how much that grey s15 spec are with costom interior at right drive is selling for?
That thing looks more tasty then a gt3rs behind that glass

Thanks damn great price but I think ill wait for a 2001-2002 maybe get Luckey and the hks or key office s15 will end up over here

that interior is stock.

Stay away from Rightdrive… it’s amateur hour in that place.

So many better cars for the money, a pretty much stock s15… its an s15 okay i get it but… oooh its got an SR… great… what else? :confused: 30k for a stock R32 GTR with an air filter? Seriously? lol… its even got the stock 16" r32 gtr wheels haha…

so this is the one that wrapped around a pole the other day?