GTI v Red Camaro

Don’t know if you’re around here, and I know it wasn’t exactly a race. But I would just like to acknowledge you. A red camaro on the XX at around 10PM tonight. I would’ve truly ran if we had an empty spot before I had to get off on the XXX, but there was too much traffic, and that audi wouldn’t get out of the way. Granted, you would’ve won most likely since I’m a purely stock 03 GTI, and I shifted into 4th at 5KRPM on that short “run” we had. Nice car though, if you think it’s a good match, we’ll do it again, if you check this forum.

Ls1? Lt1? beat 3rd gen? :smiley:

late 90’s Z28 I believe. I think those, with at least an exhaust, are just a bit faster than a stock 1.8T.

could have been a 305 then i wouldnt think faster at all. 350 with some work done sure …

if its late 90’s it could have been an Lt1 or an Ls1… eiether way you beat the driver, not the car… congrats anyway :tup:

unless it was a v6? :smiley:

lol… if its late 90s that = ls1, and thats more than a “bit” faster

but hey, find the guy!

I know, I wish he would post here. But I have a feeling he wasn’t from around B-lo considering his route choice.

A Z28 would’ve raped a stock GTi pretty good.

Might’ve been a 6’er

yea cuz my poop v6 mustang pulled a few 1.8t jetta but idk how much different in speed they are?

obviously they didn’t know how to drive then because my friends cavalier smoked 2 v6 mustangs. not saying 1.8t’s have alot of power stock because stock they only run about 150-170whp. camaro’s are pretty heavy so I can only imagine the v6 being even slower

a 3.8 V6 Camaro will whoop on a 1999-2004 V6 mustang, hell my friends DD 2000 Camaro will be door to door with my buddy’s stock 5.0

my buddy used to have a 96 v6 camaro and i have that blue v6 mustang and we were door to door till like 70 then he pulled a little… lol either way they r both very slow