GTO on it's way out??

the Holden Monaro (rightful Aussie origin of the GTO) is being discontinued. Will the GTO that is nearly identical be offed as well??

reliable source in Australia quoting official GM press releases.

discuss and note the special edition that will mark the end for the Monaro :wink:

It should be because I am pretty sure the GTO is built down under

I thought that a new GTO was to be developed, because of the fact that the Monaro-based car was supposed to be going away.

No the GTO will still be produced.

The first two years of the car, they were built in Austrailia. The 2006 will be produced stateside. That story just confirms that they really are moving production. If you wait a month, I might be able to tell you which factory will be getting re-tooled.

Unless something drastic happens in a month…

i never did like them

never had the muscle car GTO should have


:withstupi GM killed the RWD Zeta platform, but this is one of the few projects that was still given a green light. Instead they will focus on trucks/suvs. hurrah.


That is all…

what, 400HP stock not enough for you? :confused:

hehe…I’ll tell you, my new GTO is a lot more fun than my old GTO was. Granted, it doesn’t have the styling, but it more than makes up for it in the “go fast” department. The best I ever did in my 72 GTO, 400 4bbl, 4:11 gears, 125 wet shot was an 8.45 at Lancaster. My new GTO should go a very low 8 if I ever figure out how to drive a 6 speed. lol

:word: V8 and FWD shouldn’t go together

Do what the article said: Drive like a maniac :wink:

What are you talking about? :confused:

she probably means cars like the Pontiac GXP and the Impala SS, with the 5.3L 303-hp V8… and FWD. There’s probably some people that would like their summer V8 power in a buffalo-friendly FWD package, even though it’s gotta torque steer like mad and probably plows more through turns than the Highway department in January. But for familiy guys who want a ballsy V8 “family car”, it might make sense.

This is what is being used to fill the slot of the RWD zeta platformed-cars.

'06 Monte Carlo.

Ah. Then you are absolutely right. Blasphemy, this V8 FWD business. :slight_smile:

Anyone see the Woodward Project GTO?

The original car was orange though…

^ nice

That’s hot…

Imagine how they would sell if they came from Pontiac looking like that blue one…WOW! They are still pretty sweet, but they still need a better exhaust IMO. They sound kinda mellow. My buddies '04 auto ran a 13.77 at 103mph with me and him in it, not too bad for bone stock.