hahaha congrats to cleanquik306

dont think he posts here much but he is getting married today to a great girl kerith that he met at CAL U just wanted to throw up a congrats

congrats! can she cook? because this is the issue Im going thru

Congrats Kevin.

Congrats Kevin.


Congrats. (Insert pool pic)


This one?

The gayest picture ever taken without actual anal penetration.



Pics of the wife/bride?

dont do it


fucking wedding was awesome… ive never beento a wedding where morepeople danced. it was awesome. and then we went to the presidential suite to drink aftetr the wedding at 11 and drank alot more. and we got in a bit of trouble i suppose 7-8 cops from 3 departments showd up at the bride/grooms room and arrested 2 people almost 1 more and questioned alot more people oh the humanity awesome times. and

im soo happy im not in that gay ass picture.

ha. bridezilla.

Thanks everyone! Wedding was perfect and I didn’t get in any shit for the 2 guys who got arrested so in our eyes the whole night was perfect.

and yes, she cooks, cleans and does the dishes! (Hence why she wore white to the wedding…the whole dishwasher matching the fridge and stove)

no pics.

we need to post up pics of two things that would be us hanging from the covered bridge and of you guys doing some “executive board room table slides”

Hahahaha i need them pics of the board room 63 ft table slides. Bridge shenanigans are also ok for ps

dont need pics. i think i had metals 2 with her. lol

congrats again kevin. dumbass.

thought i would throw out the classy one

haha… bottle beer at the wedding is my kind of wedding.