Halloween Costume... offensive or not??? Help!

So Im getting ready for a night of hardcore boozing tomorrow. Ive decided to dress up as an “Abortion” for Halloween. Ill be wearing doctor scrubs covered in blood with a bloody baby doll around my neck. I was mentioning this to some friends and half said it was hilarious the other said its not a good idea. I guess dead babies can be a touchy subject.:rolljerk:


depends on who’s going to be there, really

i see this not going well

Crowded bar in Fells Point (Baltimore)

i saw ppl dressed as:

Priest with a doll giving it a BJ
I saw one guy dressed as a blind man
Saw a guy with a superman shirt on and a neckbrace
they all seemed to be having a great time!:wtf:

it’s not really that offensive or funny.

go as “rape”. that’s both funny and offensive…

how would one go as “rape”… details please

haha. not really sure. tears and forcible entry?

go as “guy with a cough”

lol, oh newman you silly goose

lmfao…yea the dead babies thing is a tough one though some people laugh others will be very upset and some wont care its a roll of the dice i would say


my “guy with a bad cough” costume ruled.

I think thats kind of stupid.

Why dont you come up with something fun.

you could probably come up with something else where you don’t have to worry about offending people :gotme:

You can be anything you want, not like you dont have options:lol:

I’d laugh…I remember one year when Desmond was Dr. Abortion, he carried a bloody wired coat hanger with his blood stained coat…it was hilarious…

It would only be funny if you dressed as a giant coat hanger.

An abortion protester was standing outside of Starbucks at UB with a big sign.

And his face was painted red.

Weather forecast appears to be perfect for an abortion tonight!!

DO IT and take pics

of course i will :gtfo:

knock them dead. have a buddy be the air plane… and you could be a building of some sort…

just an idea

The costume was a success!! Not sure if anyone else has been to Fells Point for Halloween but it is insane!!

I have tons of pics ill post later tongiht.