HALO 2 Thread

If anyone bought the 5 new maps available today and wants to do some one on one with me… get in now and Message MaNHaTTaN 1501

This should be in the Huge Nerd thread, eh?:wink:


ryan got ZAPPED!

Ryan I will own you son

i just played them all tonight, theyre ok. terminal sucks if youre playing with less than 10 people.

stupid 12 dollars for 5 maps that will be free in a month…

Halo 2 sucks soo many balls its retarded

Socom II for life

i need to reactivate my xbox live account, and then find some free time… i miss that stuff (free time).

i will never pay for maps… but word on playing tonight… but i think this is a :repost:

I bought them… halo rules all.

I’m enjoying Conker:Live & Reloaded soooooo much more right now. Different classes to play add so much to the game!

i keep sending you messages but you dont respond

i have those maps on an installer dvd. :snky: haven’t tried it yet though… maybe tonight.

me??? or MaNHaTTan? :stuck_out_tongue: And if its me Jon, what screen name are you trying?

illeave you voice messafes… itackison or whatever it is…

anyone still play? i’ll probably play this weekend… maybe with a few friends over. It will get me out going to a bachelor’s party that I’d rather not go to… saturday night most likely. Plan on it people – I don’t like playing with mysel… err i mean by myself. :smiley: :rofl:

ill be on sat… sunday im going to the shore…

sorta OT, but for you halo 2 nerds, how do you lock on to a target with the rocket launcher? you know say if my punkass room mate is drivin around on a ghost, how can i lock onto him so the rocket will follow his ass til it gets him??? ive been tryin to remember how to do it but i havent played in so long i forgot.

I’m pretty sure you hold L trigger or something… i’ve haven’t played in a while…

Oh and sorry john i totally got roped into that bachelor party, so if i am online tonight it will most likely be after 10 or 11… but i’ll try to leave earlier…

Yo what is your gamertag??

<— MaNHaTTaN 1501