Halo 3

Any one play it here? it would be cool to play with fellow nyspeeders.
also just a curious note, are you any good lol.

Was pretty decent a few months back. Leme know when your on

Ya last year I played this game for about 8 hours a day…then CoD4 came out and Halo 3 because a coaster for my mountain dew.

never heard of it

used to play it all the time… then it was COD 4, and now i am hooked on gears of war again… God i cant wait for the second one to come out!!

COD4 > *

BF:BC is fun though for the time being.



never got into halo much… not much of a fan. Would like to see a new goldeneye though :tup:

i have halo 3, played it once. COD 4>*

i finally got the overkill perk and i cant stop playing!