Halo 3 (post purchase)

Played it last night from 12:30 till 6:00 and beat it…
Halo 2 seemed harder!

Graphics were amazing textures lighting etc. What i don’t like is when you drive the vehicles at top speed, the bushes and flowers appear as you run over them…

Also on campaign mode there seemed to never be enough ammo for a specific gun, and you always find yourself using a new one.

New cooler guns, and oh yea it goes retro to halo 1 style again at some point (don’t wanna ruin it for anyone)…

Over all i give it a 9.2 / 10 in my book :bigthumb:

I waited in line for 3 and a half hours to get it haha…Played it from 1230-330 and fell asleep. Made it to the 5th level…Ill beat it today.So far the game is sick

i waited in line for like a half hour:booty: me and my buddies just played multiplayer then a little of campaign. i was very pleased except that there seems to be a weapon every square inch of the maps. and the new pistols don’t shoot fast. dual wielding pistols ftl. other than that its well worth it

Meant to ask before what level did u beat it on?

Very true about the guns being VERY close to each other. But NOT enough ammo!!! everytime i get a needler i cant double up on it for some reason, and its not as powerful as the first game.

Flame thrower = cool
carrying turrets = cool
having butt sex with cortana with major johnson hitting it from the front= cool
some neat guns including flash bangs and shields!

the mongoose are just plain silly and dont do anything but drive!

I’m loving it incredibly so far. Waited 4 hours in line at the Mills and was like the 12th or so to get it. I’m taking my time, playing it through on Heroic to start. As I was told they made easy and normal easier than before and Heroic and Legendary harder than before. A+++ So far. 10/10

waited for an hour in line at robinson gamestop. played for an hour and went to bed, gonna play it today wit my bro and cousin on Live hopefully and beat the game… then start on legendary, thats the real task :slight_smile:

so far its awesome

Just beat it on legandary…FUCKING AWESOME!

wow i walked into toysrus and bought it at like 12pm. i didnt reserve shit

/video games…unless it is football, hockey, or wii and talking shit while playing friends.

I really like it so far for sure. Add me tonight if you guys are playing my gamertag Is sc wayne9125

beat it last night,great game… make sure you guys waite till the credits are done when watching the end of the game.

Game is pimp. I love it.

Can’t wait to get off work to go home and finish the fight! Hehe.

i love it. its a great game. the only thing i dont like is the lack of ammo for certain weapons. its one of the best games for the 360. that or bioshock

<- still doesnt own a 360.

I played thru the 2nd - 6th or 7th lvl last night co-op with a friend, Def good stuff. Must…buy…360

Just finished it. It was amazing. Very powerful ending.


FTL…8600 bux…55 bids…WTF?!

x2 tecmo super bowl on NES or NHL on genesis!

LOL holy shit