I know this is probably in the wrong section but i dont know where else to put it.

Ted, Its been over a month now that you said you would ship me my plate from the 180, You tell me your busy and you will get it soon but im sick of waiting, Im busy too i cant wait on this forever. Right now i have a car thats registered in quebec but i dont own the car. I cant take the regi’s off without the plate.

Apperently this is the only way of getting your attention as ive sent you a couple pm’s and youve been active on the forum and ignored them.
I dont want to start trashing you but start backing up your word with action.


i replied to you pms and we agreed i’d send it on monday? what was the point of this?

i dont see anything technical about this post.

if you didnt know where to put it, we have mods and they are more than willing to assist in these type of situations

my $.02


i dont have any pms in my box saying you would send it out on monday.
Just send the thing already im tired of waiting

your last message said to tell you when it shipped out on Monday it’s not Monday yet? why would i say anything

how about we get some copy/paste of what went on. i mean i m not here to judgel this but the only way truth is going to be had is if it is public. i dont think ted is the person that would fail on such a thing.


this thread has served its purpose.

i hope the issue can be resolved in a peaceful and timely manner.