Help me pic rims

Well I’ve been chasing this problem with my 18’s for some time. I’ve roadforce balanced them, checked runout, and put on hub centering rings but I still can’t seem to get rid of the vibration I have over 50mph so i’ve finally decided to scrap those rims/tires and go with something new. Cheap rims/tires made it for 3 years but now I want something different. Heres one set that i’m looking at:

Also I want a good performance tire preferably one that isn’t known for excessive road noise because the cheap tires I have right now are ungodly loud. Any suggestions would be appreciated of wheres a reputable place to buy rims.

Designed with the street race scene in mind, these wheels come in a variety of fast and sleek designs to accommodate any high performance car. Everything about these wheels scream out quality. From the direct fit patterns to the eye catching colors that are available.

they look heavy

what kinda car?


How much do they weigh? If you can not answer that question then they are not the right wheels for performance.

but the finish is “hyper-light”

He has an Is300 and he’s in FL.

yeah what he said. And I have other rims now for auto-x and for the track. These will be just DD rims but I want a decent performance tire on them that isn’t too noisy.