Help me pick out some wheels for the GT

Need some advice on wheels for my '99 GT Vert. Here is a pic of the car in its current state with the OE Ford 17x8 Bullitt’s:

I’m trying to decide between a few styles of wheel:

FR500 18x9/1x10 replicas in “Hypercoat” or black, with deep dish in the rear:

Saleen 18x9/18x10 replicas in “Hypercoat”:

Regular ol’ Bullitt wheels 17x9/17x10.5 or 18x9/18x10, Anthracite or Polished finish with deep dish in the rear:

All of these wheels are on 's website, so if you ike you can see them better there.

Opinions wanted.

no offense but I HATE the bullits with a passion.

The FR500’s or Saleens but IMO Saleens look better.

Bullitt’s ftl. I dunno never liked em, get something super flashy! Ok or not…


get something different. how much money u got to spend?

fr500’s ftw

fr500’s :tup:

too bad you didn’t post this up earlier…I would have sold you my fr500’s for a great price along with the tires on them :). Ah well what can you do, fr500’s are great, I enjoyed them :tup:

chrome saleens ftw

American racing phantoms with the painted red inserts :ugh:

yea… i really hate the bullitt wheels.

Saleen FTW

or Cobra R’s…

or even White Cobra R’s :slight_smile:

I’m looking to keep it under ~$1400 or so. The less I spend, the more I have for other stuff. I like the FR500’s alot, just unsure how they’d look on a red car like mine. Not many people have them around here (from what i’ve seen).

What did you have?

18x9 fr500’s up front with 275/35/18 BFG G-force sports

18x10 Deep Dish fr500’s with 315/30/18 BFG g-force TA DR’s on the rear

only thing was that they were chrome

white gets dirty too quick.
have you checked corral for pics. i bet you will find a red gt on some or all the wheels your looking at in the wheel section

saleen i guess…

FR500’s, you dont see them EVERY DAY on EVERY MUSTANG like the other two.



OK, I think i’m gonna go with the FR500’s. I wanted them the most out of the choices I had, so I just needed some positive reinforcement. Next question - which color?

I wanted to get the Hypercoated set, which is not too bling like chrome but not too dark. Anthracite would also be a choice, as it looks good on the car already (stock bullitts in the pic of the car are anthracite). I don’t want black either.

So, is it


Or Hypercoated?

I’d say the hypercoated, I think it would look :pimp: with the red