heres somthin u don't see everyday....

targa top fd, i think it looks good :tup:

stop copying the vettes :rofl:

but it does look good

too bad rx7’s came out before c5’s :stuck_out_tongue:


actually the whole car is hawt :tup:

damn thats hawt …

:violin2: yeah, but the c5 was the improved version :wink:
just buy a c5 and get it over with…jeez jay :lol:

wonder if hes got the LS1 swap

no its got a single turbo rotary which belongs in there :slight_smile:

and i never said i was gonna do it, just posting a pic geesh!

Coolness!! While we are on the subject… Targa Top 99GSX

can’t leave the fbods out of this

LOL…now someone find an M3…HAHAHAHA

it looks like a mitata with the top 1/2 down :gotme:


the flushmounts on that rx7 look hoet

If my Sunroof doesn’t stop sqeaking I’ll turn mine into a Targa :slight_smile:


Can I be the sawzall operator? :wink:

I bet it does wonders for rigidity!

The GSX targa looks hot

it looks like a mini supra

In addition to being cool looking, that GSX puts down 500whp on 93…


It just needs to be lime green and we have F&F…ahh but no room for the roof scope without the roof