Hey EVeryone

Ahh…the wonderfulness of lack of drama. So much better in here. I am TRDHarrier so many of you might know me from Evolutionm.net, evo-ny.com, clublexus.com, and the infamous UBRF.org. I drive a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution currently at around 320awhp and 335 torque with major boost leak. I also have an SUV = TRDHarrier. See you guys around! Sleepy introduced me here :smiley:

whats up john

glad to see you here, not that i dont see you post enough on the other aforementioned forums :wink:

we gotta meet up so i can check out those headlights


what upppp :wave:


:wave: Hawt Evo’s are welcome just about anywhere. :smiley: