hey guys...

I think most of you know me…my name is Andrea/Stairs. I drive a 97 Eclipse GST…with a few small mods and I’m glad to be a part of a board that is run by mega cool people :slight_smile:

:wave: hi Andrea!

STAIRSSSSSSSSSSSSS…what up :headbang:

Amazing that one little step caused such a nickname…ahh.

what up introduction greeter:headbang:

Whats up andrea :smiley:

dayumm…you are the queen of n00b threads…you managed to reply to every single one…that takes a lot of skill :rofl:

hahahaha…i was trying to not leave anyone out…i have maddd skillz yo!

well that is nice of you…so i guess it’s ok…:slight_smile:

Hey Andrea! Welcome to the NWO!!!

Hi miss thing…LEG HUMP, LEG HUMP, LEG HUMP and finish:lol:

what up gangstair?

whatup andrea, welcome

buenas dias senora stairs :stuck_out_tongue:

wasap andrea, took you long enough to join!


haha yey i finally got ya to join!

welcome aboard…my fellow cubby girl roOmie :smiley:

hello andrea

hey Andrea glad to see you on here :slight_smile:


<-- the tall guy, long neck, often found dancing in inappropriate situations

hahahaha…nice :slight_smile: