Hey, hey, hey!

Howdy folks… I’m Dan, i’m 20, I drive one of the red civics around town, I like photography, video games, heavy music, blah, blah, blah.

howdy hi!

i really wanna see ur car…h00t…lol

nice color!

welcome man! you takes some hot pics y0.


oh no, here come all the red hatches! :lol:


red hatches pwn

hey dan, I’m jan. we rhyme.

Ain’t skeeerd. :beer:

Hey man good to see you here.


welcome clean hatch master dan

what up

Yay. Dan is here…:noob:

hi dan, im danielle, we dont rhyme, but our names are cool

im tired

what up dan…nice to see ya finally here

Rock the spot! Bitches!

good god… they let this man moderate here???

and welcome to dan the n00bzor…

looks good, now make it fast

So much for the # of Z = the # of Hatches… lol


thanks for the warm welcome, judging by who are moderators, this should be a pretty cool place.

welcome Honduh boi